Twistool Inventor

Ted Wisman - Owner Creator of TwistoolThe day I retired, after forty plus years of being a power lineman, it came to me that I was lucky to have made it to retirement.  After counting how many of my "nine lives" I had used up, a simple idea popped into my head.  The Twistool!

Webster would define this tool as a noun and as simple multi-functional machine that fits in a lineman's hand, allowing for safe work to be done while eliminating arc faults, electrical shocks and injury to the user.  A less wordy definition would be a hand sized hot stick.

There are many things to consider before a simple idea becomes a reality. 

There were many more questions than answers.  Since I had already brought the "Twistarp" to market, the Twistool seemed do-able.  Back to the nine lives and the elimination of near misses.

When creating a tool out of plastic and fiberglass, hot work becomes a lot safer.  Metal tools should not be used in areas where arc faults, short circuits or accidental electric contact would be bad.  Imagine using an insulated tool to install a pulling grip on a 480 volt service that is seriously overloaded on a very hot sunny day.  There is no comparison to between using a Twistool and a metal too, like a screwdriver.

Think about a loose ground wire in a primary area on a very cold night.  Your fingers are numb from bitter cold and a staple is needed.  The first time you try, the staple may fly off after puncturing your rubber glove and you don't even know it.  A Twistool is tapered on the end and is designed to hold any sized staple while you start it with your hammer.  After it is started, remove the tool and finish driving it.

Easier (maybe), safer (absolutely) and no doubt about the rubber glove!  Sometimes it works better if a service can be heated up before the load end is connected.  Usually, both hot conductors are taped to keep them in the clear.  The tape is removed from one and once connected and insulated the other one is untaped and connected.  The Twistool has an internal thread molded into the handle.  Insert one conductor into the handle, twist until it grabs hold, let it dangle and the weight will hold it steady while you finish connecting and insulating the first one.  Then, untwist the second one and finish it the same way.

The Twistool has been designed by a line worker for the line workers!

The Twistool is made in America by American workers from American materials.

The Twistool has been tested extensively in a certified test laboratory for use in all weather conditions from minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degree Fahrenheit.    Plus, it meets ASTM 1505 standards. 

On a personal note, before closing, I honestly believe that the use of this tool will save some workers a lot of pain and suffering.  It could also save lives!  If it does, we will probably never even know.

Thank you,

Ted Wisman - Inventor of the Twistool