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Twistool - Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a complete list of care and instructions for your new Twistool.  If you don't find the answers you are looking for, please send your question to:

What Makes The Twistool Unique?

How Do I Know The Twistool Will Work?

Is The Twistool American Made?

What Is The Twistool Made Of?

What Size Is The Twistool?

How Long Will The Twistool Last?

Does The Twistool Replace A Screwdriver?

Does the Twistool come with a warranty?

Yes, the Twistool comes with a 90 day warranty.  Contact your distributor with any problems & they will get you a quick resolution.

Instructions For Care And Use...

  1. This is a hot stick, keep it clean, waxed, & dry as possible when using.
  2. Before use.  Read the handle flutes.
  3. Before each use inspect Twistool for cracks, chips, fatigue, etc.
  4. A) Staples can be started by wedging on the tapered end.  Small staples do not need to be in a groove. B) Hold in place over wire and tap it in with hammer* until it is securely in place. C) Remove tool and finish with hammer. D) Never try to loosen or pry out a staple with a Twistool.  Plastic tip is impact resistant but should not be struck with hammer. 
  5. Tightening or loosening ring head threads.  Insert in to ring as far as possible.  Apply torque.
  6. A) Spreading or separating conductors in a cable.  Insert tip & push until in handle groove.  Twist tool & install grip or cover-up material.  B) To insulate a covered conductor end, insert into handle twist until it grabs firmly, check by pulling and/or tugging while holding on to the wire.  Untwist to remove.
  7. Use for parking hand line or anchoring phase.  Drop thru pin hole in x arm without worry about tool being grounded.
  8. Keep tool energized time short as possible.
  9. Lanyard loop on handle may be removed if desired.
  10. This tool is meant to be used with rubber gloves and safety glasses.
  11. The patent applications are pending. - made in the USA!