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Article - Powerlineman

Next up, our old friend, Ted Wisman, inventor of the "Twistarp", is back with a new invention.  The "Twistool".

It is a handy little mini hotstick you can carry on your belt or in the bucket.  It has several applications and is a tool you can use in some situations where you would be worried about using the 12" screwdriver.  Such as when you have to put a pulling grip on a hot triplex or quadplex and you need to spread the phases out.  This can be a pretty scary thing to do with a 4/0 quad on a hot day under load. 

Or, when rubber gloving in a tight spot and you need to tighten any clamp that has an eye, you no longer have to use the steel screw driver.  Also, the tapered shape of it allows it to hold staples to help in getting them started.  Very handy for rubber gloving, especially on cold days or when at the end of your reach. 

Another handy feature is that you can hold a hot secondary in handle end of it just by sticking it in and twisting it on the conductor.  It is temporarily insulated and the weight of the tool lets it hang down out of the way.

I think Mr. Wisman has another winner..!

Byron Dunn - Powerlineman

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